Episode 15 | Nov. 19, 2021

To Infinity and Beyond: Forecasting Insurtech Trends

Special Guest: Bobbie Collies

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In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid speaks to Bobbie Collies, VP of strategic distribution at Grange Insurance, about how insurtech needs to focus on innovating for the future not for the here and now. Learn about what Bobbie and Reid think will be trending in the next five years and how they think carriers will cope with the changes.

Episode Highlights

  • How Bobbie got into insurtech (3:23)
  • Focusing on the future not today (6:55)
  • Opening up the ecosystem to innovate (13:25)
  • Defining insurtech (20:12)

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Guest Bio

Bobbie Collies

Bobbie Collies is an insurance junkie that comes from an extensive background in commercial underwriting and P&C insurance carrier leadership. She is VP of Strategic Distribution at Grange Insurance and a passionate servant leader who loves to help drive strategy and execution. Bobbie has successfully led many project teams in underwriting, distribution, technology, and user experiences for organizations. She is a champion for innovation, customer experience, and a change agent. Some might describe her as a “intrapreneur,” always looking for ways to improve the organizations she works with by bringing new ideas to the table, and more importantly, seeing those ideas come to life.

“I define insurtech as, where does technology intersect with the insurance industry in ways that are going to improve our efficiencies and effectiveness moving forward, and furthermore, impact the customer and agency experience in very positive ways.”

Bobbie Collies

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