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In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid chats with Fenris CEO and Founder Jen Linton for another insightful interview live from House of Blues at Insurtech Boston ’24.

Tune in to get inspired to dream big as we explore Jen’s journey from growing up in a large family in the Salt Lake City suburbs, becoming a microbiologist, obtaining her MBA, and founding an insurtech startup.

Episode Highlights

  • Growing up with an entrepreneurial mom, siblings and livestock in the Salt Lake City suburbs (00:57)

  • The pivot from microbiology to education software to insurtech startups (3:31)

  • Venturing into insurance and telematics (8:45)

  • Creating her startup vision with the help of bottomless coffee (18:45)

  • Leading with vision, and a little bit of necessary stubbornness (27:23)


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“I didn’t have a lot of female founders who were my idols or role models growing up, so I think it’s really important to embrace that because I have three kids, and they’re all girls. And that’s why I try to be a leader.”

Jen Linton
Co-Founder & CEO of Fenris

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