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In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid chats with Surround Insurance CEO and Co-founder Kate Terry for an engaging conversation from Insurtech Boston ’24. 

Tune in to get to know Kate, from her Boston upbringing and work ethic that started at an early age to a new passion for tap dancing and how she’s always chasing a challenge.

Episode Highlights

  • Boston roots (1:01)

  • Right place at the right time (19:14)

  • Becoming an insurtech co-founder (24:41)

  • Success equals a sense of growth (47:25)


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“If I think back to the people who I worked with who were key in getting me where I am, I’m so grateful that they were willing to point things out to me. Often, it was about my growth, not something I was doing wrong.””

Kate Terry
Co-Founder & CEO of Surround Insurance

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