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While “InsurTech” seems like the buzzword of choice these days, insurance technology has been around for decades. As a true believer that the past informs the future, podcast host Reid Holzworth speaks to both insurance industry “godfathers” – the original innovators who paved the way for tech at a time when bell-bottoms were still in fashion – and today’s trailblazers, who are busy disrupting one of the world’s most traditional industries. Join Reid as he distills wisdom from these radically different vantage points in his continued quest to create innovative insurance technology that brings simplicity and value to the entire insurance ecosystem.  

About the Host

Reid Holzworth

CEO, Ivans

As Chief Executive Officer of Ivans, Reid leads the company’s strategic direction. He is a prominent insurance industry leader with extensive insurance experience in both broker and insurer distribution environments. Reid was the founder and CEO of TechCanary.

TechCanary built an innovative set of insurance solutions on the Salesforce platform to create choice and flexibility for agencies who prefer Salesforce.com, which has since been incorporated in Applied’s portfolio under the name Applied Epic for Salesforce. Holzworth’s extensive industry experience, innovation-first mindset and commitment to simple, valuable customer experiences will be hallmarks of his leadership of Ivansand the expansion of its compelling innovation strategy.

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