Episode 26 | May 27, 2022

Heavy Is the Crown


In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid speaks to Will Shaw, CEO of Better Agency, about the burdens of being an entrepreneur and the characteristics of being a true leader. Tune in to gain insights into Will’s dream scenarios for independent insurance agencies, advice for fellow startups or entrepreneurs dreaming of launching a startup, and the difficulties of being a business owner.

Episode Highlights

  • Dream scenarios for insurance agencies (02:23)
  • Advice for startups (04:16)
  • Hardships of being an entrepreneur (06:38)

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Guest Bio

Will Shaw

Will Shaw is the CEO of Better Agency and is passionately on a mission to drive agency success. Prior to Better Agency, Will worked as a consultant in the insurance space helping build various tech solutions. He is a former NFL® tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles® who is focused on building the next generation of technology for insurance companies.

“You ask a mediocre CEO, what makes them successful? And they'll tell you about the strategy, execution and team. You ask a brilliant CEO what made them successful and they'll tell you they never quit.”

Will Shaw

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