Episode 60 | November 3, 2023

Bringing Brain Science to the Insurance World


In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid sits down with Casey Kempton, EVP Digital Business Officer at Chubb Small Business, to discuss her multi-generational upbringing, anthropology studies, academic ambitions, and how she brought her skills and knowledge into the insurance world.

Get ready for an engaging conversation as we pick Casey’s brain about her journey and her thoughts on change management in insurance.

Episode Highlights

  • Casey’s nomadic youth (2:10)

  • A multi-generational upbringing (4:13)

  • Bringing ‘brain science’ into insurance change management (9:20)

  • From academic pursuits to an insurance journey (10:40)

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About the Guest

Casey Kempton

Casey Kempton leads new business acquisition and distribution channel management for Chubb Small Business while delivering robust API-enabled agent/broker connectivity tools, advancing Chubb’s agent portal marketplace and chubbsmallbusiness.com.

"The behavior shift at the desk level cannot be understated. It's just management. I've spent a lot of my career in change management. It's one person at a time."

Casey Kempton

EVP Digital Business Officer
Chubb Small Business

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