Episode 57 | September 8, 2023

Best of Insurtech Journeys


In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, you’ll hear clips from some of our first guests discussing how they started their insurance journeys, including Dennis Chookaszian, Kabir Syed, David Wroe, Ilya Bodner, Jim Hackbarth, Mike Albert and Allan Egbert.

Tune in to hear how some of the greatest minds in insurtech started out in the industry, from chasing the American dream to flipping a coin and everything in between.

Episode Highlights

  • Reminiscing back to episode 1 (1:00)

  • An accidental journey (2:13)

  • Going back in insurtech history (4:05)

  • Chasing the American dream (6:24)

  • A flip of a coin (16:21)

"I really wanted to live the American dream and be my own boss. And all the male and female leaders that I looked up to were, in some way, shape or form, small business owners. So, for me, it was a no-brainer. I wanted to have my own company and an insurance agency."

Ilya Bodner

Bold Penguin

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