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This week’s hot-seat episode is with Luke Magnan, co-founder and CIO of Combined Ratio Solutions.

Join podcast co-host Christen Kelley as she asks rapid-fire questions to give you a sneak peek into some fun facts about Luke before the full-length episode is released.

About the Guest

Luke Magnan is a co-founder and the CIO of Combined Ratio Solutions. Luke has over 20 years of experience in P&C technology, including working for insurance carriers, software vendors, and service providers. He’s spent most of his time in the industry focusing on policy administration systems, distribution channels, and core system modernization and replacement, with a specialty in commercial insurance. 

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“I enjoy talking about insurance and particularly with people who I don't necessarily have a paid reason to be talking to about it.”

Luke Magnan

Co-founder and CIO of Combined Ratio Solutions

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