Episode 63: Full Transcript

[00:00:00.20] LUKE MAGNAN: I enjoy talking about insurance and particularly with people who i don't necessarily have a paid reason to be talking to you about it.

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[00:00:11.64] SPEAKER 1: This is the Insurance Technology Podcast where we bring interesting people from across the insurance ecosystem to discuss and debate technology's impact on the industry. Join us each episode for insights and best practices from industry stewards and tomorrow's innovators.

[00:00:30.47] Christen Kelley: All right. Well, we're back with a new guest on the Insurance Technology Podcast, which means another person is sitting in my hot seat. I would like to welcome Luke Magnan, CIO and co-founder of Combined Ratio. Thanks for being here, Luke.

[00:00:47.05] LUKE MAGNAN: Well, thank you for having me. It's exciting.

[00:00:49.52] Christen Kelley: So before we get into the meat, if you will, with Reed in the full episode, I wanted to get some fun facts on you. So first one, favorite movie?

[00:01:01.11] LUKE MAGNAN: So my favorite movie is a movie called Things to do in Denver When You're Dead. Not a lot of people have seen it, but it's worth checking out.

[00:01:08.48] Christen Kelley: All right. I'll definitely have to look that one up. What was the last concert you attended?

[00:01:14.63] LUKE MAGNAN: Yeah, so last concert was in December. I went to go see a band called The Hold Steady at the Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn.

[00:01:23.36] Christen Kelley: I don't think I've ever been to that venue. Is it n indoor venue, outdoor?

[00:01:27.74] LUKE MAGNAN: It's indoor. And it's a bowling alley, but it was built to be a concert venue. It's a great place to go see a show. It's in Williamsburg.

[00:01:35.06] Christen Kelley: All right. So, what was your first car?

[00:01:39.53] LUKE MAGNAN: First car was a 1987 mercury Sable.

[00:01:44.24] Christen Kelley: And what is your current vehicle?

[00:01:46.82] LUKE MAGNAN: I drive a 2022 Mercedes GT 53.

[00:01:50.78] Christen Kelley: Nice. And what is the best adjective to describe you as a person?

[00:02:00.53] LUKE MAGNAN: Yeah, I mean, I guess it depends on who you'd ask, but I think most people would say enthusiastic.

[00:02:07.16] Christen Kelley: Oh, that's a good one. I like that one. All right. And if money was not an object, what would you be doing right now?

[00:02:15.82] LUKE MAGNAN: Yeah, I mean, I'd be up in Maine. I've got a place, like, way down East Maine on the shore. I would be there in the middle of the woods, I don't know, hanging out away from everything.

[00:02:31.57] Christen Kelley: Away from everything that sounds good, especially like we're just getting out of the holidays when you're around probably too many people.

[00:02:37.57] LUKE MAGNAN: That's exactly right exactly.

[00:02:39.49] Christen Kelley: All right. And last question, why did you agree to be on the podcast?

[00:02:44.26] LUKE MAGNAN: Yeah, no, you know what? I enjoy talking about insurance and particularly with people who I don't necessarily have a paid reason to be talking to you about it. It's fun to talk about something you spent your life doing without any agenda and just to give opinions and hear other peoples.

[00:03:03.97] Christen Kelley: All right. Well, we look forward to hearing your opinions on the full interview with Reid that'll be coming out after the hot seat episode. So thanks so much.

[00:03:16.07] LUKE MAGNAN: No, thank you.