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In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid speaks to Doug Roller, cofounder of Duck Creek Technologies, about creating the industry-leading company including the major players, hurdles and milestones, and all the hard lessons learned along the way. Turn up the volume and settle in to hear the whole story of Duck Creek Technologies from someone who was there from the beginning.

Episode Highlights

  • The beginning of Duck Creek (1:20)

  • The many people who impacted Doug’s career (14:22)

  • How Duck Creek Technologies got its name (32:22)

  • Nuggets of wisdom for new insurtech owners (37:22)

About the Guest

Doug Roller

Doug has 40+ years of experience in insurance at both startups and large organizations. He is the founder of Micro-Magic Systems, one of the first comparative rating software companies. Doug sold Micro-Magic to Agency Management Services (now Vertafore), where he continued to serve for the next 10 years. In 2000, he left to cofound Duck Creek Technologies (acquired by Accenture in 2014). Doug retired from his position at Accenture in 2014 to spend more time with his other interests: family, friends and various hobbies, including consulting with start-up companies. And yes, he still enjoys writing software!


“We didn't start out thinking we were going to build a policy system. In fact, we were dragged, kicking and screaming into doing it. And because we thought, ‘No, that's going to be harder. It's going to complicate things.’”

Doug Roller

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