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In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid speaks to Jason Griswold, co-founder and CEO of REIN, about how REIN started, why solving the right problems leads to better solutions, and why confidence can go a long way. Join us for a bird’s eye view of how Jason followed his passions and created an all-new company.

Episode Highlights

  • Drones and insurance (00:55)

  • Solving the right problem (10:15)

  • Fake it til’ you make it (14:42)

  • It’s not about disrupting the agent (35:50)

About the Guest

Jason Griswold

Jason Griswold is the CEO and co-founder of REIN, a technology company transforming carriers’ insurance products into digital offerings through the Insurance Exchange (IX) platform. He is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor with over 20 years of startup experience ranging from adtech and aviation to insurtech. Prior to REIN, Griswold founded and subsequently sold Brown Aviation Lease, was active in a number of venture partner/investing positions with NextGen Venture Partners and Bluewater World Wide, LLC., served as the director of aircraft acquisition for Sentient Flight Group, and he was VP at adtech firm Unicast Communications.


“You’ve just got to stay in the game. If you really want to play, really understand, you have to be intellectually curious about what you're trying to do, I think that's a prerequisite for any of this.”

Jason Griswold

Co-founder and CEO of REIN

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