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In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid speaks to Jim Hackbarth about how the pioneers who first created insurtech have paved the way for newer generations to innovate the industry. The foundations were set, the building blocks were given, now the world waits to see how far insurtech can go.

Episode Highlights

  • Creating order out of chaos (1:40)

  • The power of mentorship (7:36)

  • The perpetuation of leadership (10:04)

  • Why Jim loves sales (17:22)

  • What Jim does for fun (24:22)

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“As I transition to the next chapter of my life, one of the things that I'm focusing in on is what can I do to help some of these insurtechs, what can I do to help young people? I love mentoring young people in the business. I always have.”

Jim Hackbarth

Former CEO of Assurex Global

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