Episode 47 | April 14, 2023

Riding the Waves of Insurtech


In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid continues his conversation with Bill Devine, SVP of Business Capabilities at Travelers, to talk about everything from the rich insurance history of Hartford, Connecticut, to working together as an industry and riding the waves of insurtech.

Join these two So Cal natives as they surf back in time to the first wave of insurtech and ride into what Bill predicts as the third wave of insurtech.

Episode Highlights

  • History everywhere at Hartford, the “insurance capital” (1:37)
  • Predicting the third “wave” of insurance (9:16)
  • The importance of working with tech hyper-accelerators (36:47)
  • The “golden record” (44:23)

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About the Guest

Bill Devine

Bill Devine is the SVP of Business Capabilities at Travelers, Business Insurance. He is accountable for developing, deploying, and managing critical business capabilities aligned with the overall Business Insurance strategy.

“What we learned in that first wave of insurtech that's so important to us is a belief that the independent agents will persist and will be a major part of the insurance industry for as long as we can see forward.”

Bill Devine


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