Episode 18 | Feb. 4, 2022

No Country for Old Certs


In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid speaks to Peter Teresi, CEO of Certificial, about how certificates of insurance present unique complications in how effectively agents and insurers work together. You’ll get the inside scoop about the challenges certs present, and how new technology is solving the problem.

Episode Highlights

  • Peter’s time at ACORD (1:51)
  • A big insurance problem (8:35)
  • Solving cert problems with new tech (12:20)
  • What Peter does for fun (38:29)

Guest Bio

Peter Teresi

Peter is co-founder and CEO of Certificial. As the former chief technology officer of ACORD with nearly 20 years at the organization, Peter's entire career has been dedicated to bringing innovative technology to the insurance industry.

“I look at our industry and I think we get in our own way. We have to stop being so closed off and thinking we can do everything ourselves better than anybody else.”

Peter Teresi

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