Episode 58 | September 22, 2023

Launching Into the Future of Insurance


In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, you’ll hear a mashup of our three most future-focused installments featuring Elad Tsur, Jesse Wedler and Bobbie Collies.

Get ready to launch into what the future of insurance could look like – from API-based tech to AI and more.

Episode Highlights

  • Transforming insurance with AI and customer centricity (1:01)

  • Helping rocket ship companies take off (8:07)

  • Forecasting insurtech trends (13:41)

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"The way technology is impacting our industry and how fast things are changing, we really need to start looking at where the puck is going. If I'm going to steal from Gretzky here, let's start to skate where the puck is going, not where it is today.”

Bobbie Collies

Chief Growth Officer
Coterie Insurance

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