Episode 69 | April 5, 2024

Seasoned Investigator Turned Tech Innovator


In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid sits down with Joe Stephenson, Director of Digital Intelligence at INTERTEL, kicking things off on a light note with the amusing story behind Joe’s impressive title and moving onto heavier topics like Joe’s encounters with drunk drivers, law offenders and scammers during his time as a police officer and investigator.

Tune in to hear how Joe has brought his skills as a seasoned investigator into the world of insurance and technology.

Episode Highlights

  • A rural Maine upbringing (1:50)

  • Joe’s scariest story in policing (11:46)

  • Career “ADD” (18:15)

  • Uncovering insurance claims scams (20:01)

  • Embracing life as a director of digital intelligence (47:53)

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“You'll realize your dreams, but it's just going to take you some time to get there...“

Joe Stephenson

Director of Digital Intelligence

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