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In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid speaks to Thad Bauer, former Vice President and General Manager at Ivans, about the evolution of Ivans, what it does explained simply by an expert, and Thad’s experience at the company. Get the inside scoop about the inner workings of Ivans and the business leaders who know it the best.

Episode Highlights

  • Thad’s big announcement (2:16)

  • How Thad got into insurance (7:32)

  • Ivans explained simply (12:13)

  • The insurtech problem Thad would fix (23:27)

Continue hearing from Thad in Episode 20, Thad Bauer's Day Off.

About the Guest

Thad Bauer

Thad Bauer, former Vice President and General Manager at Ivans, led the company’s Services and Support functions. He has 30 years of property and casualty experience and has played a key role in furthering the adoption of ACORD standards to exchange data within the industry to improve efficiencies. Prior to his role at Ivans, Thad was president and co-founder of NxTech, a leading provider of agency-MGA-carrier interface and data integration solutions. Prior to NxTech, he spent nine years with BWC Systems and IVANS, Inc., and has worked with more than 350 insurance carriers throughout North America.


“I've always loved making money, that's a good thing to do, but I also like helping the industry, and so I think that sometimes you have to do what's good for the industry, not just what's good for the company.”

Thad Bauer

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