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In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid covers key post-event takeaways from Insurtech Boston ’24, captured live from House of Blues with Nick Lamparelli, managing partner of Insurance Nerds, and Charles “Chip” Bacciocco, CEO of

Get ready to be inspired as these three insurtech thought leaders reflect on the event topics, comparing insurance to hide-and-seek, sharing excitement about the “golden age of innovation,” and speculating on how factors like AI and telematics will impact the industry.  

Episode Highlights

  • The speedy pace of Generative AI (2:45)

  • The roller coaster of a startup (11:45)

  • Understanding the economics of this industry (19:20)

  • Three magic words to double success (36:15)


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“It’s not like you can build a simple application, sell it, and you’re crushing it. You really can’t. You have to know the space. You’ve got to know the people.”

Reid Holzworth
CEO Ivans

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