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In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Mike Albert and Allan Egbert continue their host takeover to talk about this year’s Insurtech Boston. A Commercial Lines discussion led by some of the top names in insurtech and Q&A from audience members are included. Settle in and turn up the volume for some hot takes and highlights from this exciting panel recap.

Featured Panelists

  • Risa Pecoraro – Chief Product Officer, Bindable

  • Taira Mandy – Director of Customer Success, Ivans

  • John Pegnato – Product Manager, Simply Business

  • Bobbie Collies – Vice President of Distribution, Coterie

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About the Guest

Mike Albert

Prior to founding Ask Kodiak, Michael served in senior technology leadership roles in product and strategy. He has extensive experience in the P&C industry and has worked with carriers of all sizes leading teams that have built exceptional software for agents, underwriters, and policyholders alike. He previously served as the SVP of strategy for AgencyPort, a software provider to the P&C insurance industry. He specializes in the art of application design and user experience. Mike holds a bachelor's degree from James Madison University.

Allan Egbert

For the past 14 years, Allan has traveled the insurtech highway as a consultant, engineer, and product guy. He has worked in key technical leadership roles and led the implementation of critical insurance technology projects across the insurance value chain. Prior to founding Ask Kodiak, he served as the Chief Technology Officer for AgencyPort, a software provider to the P&C insurance industry. Allan has a master’s degree in Computer Science from Florida State University and Bachelors' degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Providence College.


“I think speed is always one of the first things that's discussed, and I don't necessarily know that that's the most important thing. I think getting it right is more important.”

Allan Egbert

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