Episode 49 | May 12, 2023

In the Hot Seat with Elad Tsur


This week’s hot seat episode is with co-founder and CEO of Planck, Elad Tsur, a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about bridging the gap between technology and business.

Join podcast co-host Christen Kelley as she asks Elad rapid-fire questions to give you a sneak peek into some fun facts about Elad before the full-length episode is released.

About the Guest

Elad Tsur

Planck CEO and Co-Founder Elad Tsur has helped create an AI-based data platform for commercial insurance that enables insurers to grow new and organic business while drastically reducing their loss and expense ratios. Elad has in-depth expertise in AI and big data and is a nationally recognized expert in machine learning. Before founding Planck, he started BlueTail Corporation, which delivered the first comprehensive AI platform for customer relationship management and was acquired by Salesforce.com in 2012.

“I am doing what I like to do. I wouldn’t change a thing. Connecting the insurance market with artificial intelligence is my passion and what I would be doing regardless of what the payout is at the end of it.”

Elad Tsur

Co-Founder and CEO

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