Episode 55 | August 11, 2023

From Wall Street Whiz to Insurance Guru


In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid sits down with Nick Zerbib, Chief Investment Officer at Stone Point Capital, to chat about Nick’s experiences moving around the world, how he landed on the east coast, and his journey from Wall Street to the world of insurance-centric investment.

It’s back-to-school season and it’s never too late to learn, so pick up your pencils and paper to take notes from this episode on interesting industry tidbits, the importance of the independent agency channel and more.

Episode Highlights

  • Growing up around the world and landing on the east coast (1:54)

  • Recruited by Wall Street at Goldman Sachs (5:05)

  • A long history in the insurance-centric private equity business (6:53)

  • Walking in the agents’ shoes (27:47)

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"It's amazing to me as somebody who's been observing and kind of studying this market for 25 years, how the companies that tried to leapfrog that distribution channel are now embracing it."

Nick Zerbib

Chief Investment Officer
Stone Point Capital

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