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In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid sits down with Bill Devine, SVP of Business Capabilities at Travelers, to talk about Bill’s wide-ranging career journey – from being a creative writer to an attorney to becoming a seasoned insurance pro at Travelers.

Tune in to hear Bill’s career twists and turns and how it started as a walk in the parking lot from his law school.

Episode Highlights

  • How a walk from his law school parking lot got him into insurance (3:03)

  • Traveling from Southern Cal to Connecticut for Travelers (8:40)

  • Three pennies on the dollar (16:33)

  • The power of independent agents (28:03)

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About the Guest

Bill Devine

Bill Devine is the SVP of Business Capabilities at Travelers, Business Insurance. He is accountable for developing, deploying, and managing critical business capabilities aligned with the overall Business Insurance strategy.


“By articulating the business problems that I think we need to solve and breaking them down into the component parts, that's where I think the partnership comes in, and that's where all the fun happens.”

Bill Devine

SVP at Travelers

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