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In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid speaks to Alan Ringvald, co-founder and CEO of Relativity6, about his journey from a child of immigrants to creating his own apps, and later becoming a young tech professional working for Google. You don’t want to miss this incredible backstory. If you ever wanted to do something, Alan has probably already done it.

Episode Highlights

  • What does Relativity6 do? (1:40)

  • Around the world with Alan (2:30)

  • Is college really worth it? (12:55)

  • A glimpse into the Google machine (17:50)


“It's the classic immigrant story, but in real life, like having a couple hundred bucks in [my parent’s] pocket…and then watching them work super hard to get to a little better of a thing and move that forward. That was transformational, for sure.”

Alan Ringvald

Co-founder and CEO of Relativity6

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