Episode 30 | July 22, 2022

An American Tale: Alan Goes to Google


In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid speaks to Alan Ringvald, co-founder and CEO of Relativity6, about his journey from a child of immigrants to creating his own apps, and later becoming a young tech professional working for Google. You don’t want to miss this incredible backstory. If you ever wanted to do something, Alan has probably already done it.

Episode Highlights

  • What does Relativity6 do? (1:40)
  • Around the world with Alan (2:30)
  • Is college really worth it? (12:55)
  • A glimpse into the Google machine (17:50)

About the Guest

Alan Ringvald

Alan Ringvald is a 3-time founder, former Googler, and MIT grad. His current company, Relativity6, is based on Alan's thesis research and is focused on solving the industry classification problem.

"It's the classic immigrant story, but in real life, like having a couple hundred bucks in [my parent’s] pocket…and then watching them work super hard to get to a little better of a thing and move that forward. That was transformational, for sure.”

Alan Ringvald

Co-founder and CEO

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