Episode 64 | January 26, 2024

From Political Science to Computer Science


In this episode of The Insurance Technology Podcast, Reid sits down with Luke Magnan, co-founder and CIO of Combined Ratio Solutions, to discuss Luke’s Connecticut upbringing, his passion for technology, and the conversation with a bus driver that led him from political science pursuits to his computer science roots.

Take a break from your New Year’s resolutions to hear Luke’s story of following his heart and combining his love for computers with insurance.

Episode Highlights

  • Luke’s love for video games (3:13)
  • Re-routing career paths (7:07)
  • Starting out at a carrier in Hartford (8:08)
  • Credibility, trust, and partnership (47:44)

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"We want to be helping carriers ultimately improve their combined ratio. And either that's through lowering expenses, helping them grow premiums, or sometimes even doing a better job writing business."

Luke Magnan

Co-founder and CIO
Combined Ratio Solutions

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