Episode 53: Full Transcript

[00:00:00.50] NICK ZERBIB: I thought seriously about teaching coming out of college. Instead, I went to investment banking, so go figure. But I think I would seriously consider Teach for America, which is a great program which still exists.
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[00:00:16.62] REID HOLZWORTH: This is the Insurance Technology Podcast, where we bring interesting people from across the insurance ecosystem to discuss and debate technology's impact on the industry. Join us each episode for insights and best practices from industry stewards and tomorrow's innovators.
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[00:00:35.30] CHRISTEN KELLEY: Well, welcome everyone. And today we have someone new in our hot seat. Today I am welcoming Nick Zerbib, the Chief Investment Officer at Stone Point Capital. Nick, welcome to the show.
[00:00:48.54] NICK ZERBIB: Good morning. Thanks for having me.
[00:00:51.74] CHRISTEN KELLEY: No, it's a pleasure. And as guests before you have learned, we like to get to know people a little bit more on a personal level before we dive into the InsurTech interview with Reid. So today I'm going to be asking a little bit about you.
[00:01:08.72] NICK ZERBIB: Awesome.
[00:01:09.77] CHRISTEN KELLEY: So first question-- favorite movie.
[00:01:13.49] NICK ZERBIB: That is an easy one. That would be Fletch. And I'm dating myself, but I think it's the only movie that you can watch three times in one sitting one evening. And I think I did that as a teenager.
[00:01:25.91] CHRISTEN KELLEY: Oh, that's awesome. Is there anything particular about that movie that just makes it one that you can watch over and over again?
[00:01:31.76] NICK ZERBIB: Just Chevy Chase and the storyline. It's just an incre-- it's timeless. And I tell all our young folks-- I make Fletch references, and then I steer them to go watch it. And most of them sort of enjoy it. [LAUGHS]
[00:01:53.03] CHRISTEN KELLEY: Got it. Favorite music genre.
[00:01:57.83] NICK ZERBIB: You know, I was thinking about my favorite music, and I would say it's become classical, which is-- which I wish I had learned how to play the piano or do something enriching like that. But now I enjoy listening to that when I read and when I relax.
[00:02:18.65] CHRISTEN KELLEY: Yeah. No. I feel like sometimes music kind of goes with what you're doing or what mood you're in is what your favorite comes out. On the-- staying on the music theme-- last concert you attended.
[00:02:33.57] NICK ZERBIB: This is unfortunately going to give you a sense of my music tastes. I think it was U2 in like 1990 or so. It was a long, long time ago. My wife just recently went to see Bruce Springsteen, and I missed it. But no, I have not-- I'm not a big concert goer. But U2 was a blast. I think it was U2 in Tempe, Arizona when Bono came to celebrate the fact that we had impeached our governor, who was a bad guy-- Evan Mecham.
[00:03:13.99] CHRISTEN KELLEY: I have actually also seen U2, and they definitely put on a great show. So we're going to switch gears-- no pun intended-- first car you ever drove.
[00:03:26.90] NICK ZERBIB: My first car was a yellow Honda CR-X. Do you even know what a CR-X looks like? I assume you don't. You'll have to look it up.
[00:03:36.85] CHRISTEN KELLEY: I'm going to have to go Google it.
[00:03:37.78] [LAUGHTER]
[00:03:41.08] NICK ZERBIB: Yeah. That goes back to like 1986 or '87 or whatever. Yeah-- a long time ago.
[00:03:48.81] CHRISTEN KELLEY: And then what's your current vehicle?
[00:03:51.65] NICK ZERBIB: I drive what is now a discontinued vehicle, although not of the genre that you would think-- not an antique vehicle. It's the Chevy Bolt. And I was very upset when GM just announced they were discontinuing it.
[00:04:06.71] CHRISTEN KELLEY: Hmm.
[00:04:08.99] NICK ZERBIB: I've stumped you twice now.
[00:04:10.62] CHRISTEN KELLEY: Yeah. I'm like-- now I have to go look.
[00:04:12.49] [LAUGHTER]
[00:04:15.98] All right. If money was not an object, what would you be doing right now?
[00:04:21.80] NICK ZERBIB: I thought seriously about teaching coming out of college. Instead, I went to investment banking, so go figure. But I think I would seriously consider Teach for America, which is a great program which still exists. So I think teaching would be my-- if I were smart enough and good enough, I would try to do that.
[00:04:44.66] CHRISTEN KELLEY: All right. And so my last and final question for you. Why did you agree to be on the podcast?
[00:04:51.73] NICK ZERBIB: I love to talk about insurance and insurance technology. I have a lot of respect for Reid and what he's done. And I think it's just a super interesting space, and it'll enhance my cocktail party discussions. Because anytime I can talk about insurance, it really gets people fired up.
[00:05:16.09] CHRISTEN KELLEY: No. That's a great answer. And yes, and you'll have to be prepared because speaking of cocktails, we always ask what your favorite drink is at the end of the full episode.
[00:05:24.46] NICK ZERBIB: That's easy. You won't stump me on that one.
[00:05:27.37] CHRISTEN KELLEY: All right. Well, we'll leave that as a teaser for the full episode. But Nick, thanks for the time this morning. And we look forward to the full interview with Reid.
[00:05:36.82] NICK ZERBIB: Thank you very much.